Naloxone Use: Cincinnati Senator Announces Introduction of Accessibility

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Naloxone in Cincinnati Expansion of naloxone use in Cincinnati is a move of desperate action, and there is good reason for it. Naloxone is a medication proven to reverse the effects of heroin and prescription pill overdose. In Ohio, and in many other states across the country, prescription pills rank high on the list of "causes of accidental overdose and death." Nationally, prescription pill abuse is only second, the first being marijuana. In the Ohio state alone, four people die every day due to prescription pill overdose, a gristly number if calculated in annual deaths.

The rate at which people are newly introduced to prescription painkiller abuse is alarming, with more people exposed to potentially habit-forming practices daily. The pills are most often obtained at first from a family member or friend. While it is very important to crack down and eliminate the ways that these drugs are reaching the streets and the population, it is inevitable that it will continue to happen. This is true at least for the time being. Prescription drugs are also found in medicine cabinets at home, where there is no one to secure it or keep watch.

Heroin too is a highly deadly and extremely addicting substance. With as little as one use being needed to establish tolerance and a craving for more, overdose is a high risk. For both of these drugs, it is a more pressing matter to find ways to save the lives of those who accidentally overdose. While many will say, a drug addict brings this upon him or herself, or made a stupid mistake, it does not warrant the lost of thousands of lives annually.
By expanding the accessibility of Naloxone, Ohio will soon begin to save more lives than are lost. This will help families survive the cycle of addiction, and allow those addicted to these substances to have a second chance at life.

Additionally, this expansion will also benefit the community as a whole. At the moment, the average emergency overdose package price ranges from $10,000 to $10,500. This price is often paid through community taxes since the large majority of people admitted for accidental overdose either had no insurance or were covered by public insurance. On the other hand, the overdose kit, which will include naloxone, will cost $40, saving millions annually. In addition, hospital personnel will be trained on the procedures of administering naloxone, as well as first response emergency personnel. The sooner naloxone is administered to an overdosed individual, the less damage and suffering there will be for the victim and those who care for their well-being.

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