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Finding Drug Rehab Help In Lorain County, Ohio Despite the escalation of drug abuse in Lorain County, Ohio, the availability of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in the county are few and far between. Some lack a comprehensive detox program, making the process to find help a little difficult at best. At worst, a long delay can be fatal to the drug abuser, as time is always of the essence when treating a serious addiction (such as heroin addiction for example).

According to the County Coroner, he recalled one instance in particular that is quite unforgettable. A young girl, after waiting months for an opening at the detox center, was finally advised that she could come in Monday morning. She never showed up to detox. Instead, he visited her and determined that she had overdosed and died from it. With more resources, her life could have been saved. The available resources for recovery opportunities are sometimes just too thin.

It seems that in an effort to hide the drug problem, they have failed to provide a meaningful solution. One family's pain brought about a change for the better. After losing her 18-year-old son to drugs just weeks before his high school graduation, the mother of the football star formed a group called SOLACE. The purpose of the group is to "mobilize communities to change legislation and shut down pill mills." Meeting every two weeks, they share their experiences with others and discuss options available for families of drug addicts.

One family sent their son to New Jersey for rehab; he later relapsed in Florida. Sadly, without a complete understanding of the course addiction takes on an individual, it's easy to place blame on the system for the problem. The problem, of course, isn't totally the system, but the ease of access to drugs and alcohol. Once a person starts using drugs, especially opioids, the path to addiction is short and straight. And the fault lies neither with the system nor the family. It is a choice made by the addict themselves, and while nobody chooses to become an addict, it rarely ends with just having fun. The addiction is like a sneaker, coming up slowly and stealthily, unseen, unheard, and unexpected. And the solution must come from the addict. But appropriate resources can help to make it happen.

Without local programs to fund rehab centers in Lorain County, many are left in the "middle of a lake without a paddle." While there are some federal and state resources, they are spread over a large area, so these drug rehab centers rarely have sufficient beds for every person. This is a basic problem of having limited resources. In Lorain County, they have 12 beds, and only for women. Lorain County typically sends 40 residents a year out of the county to Cuyahoga County, because Lorain County itself lacks the resources. The typical wait for detox, according the Elaine Georgas, executive director of the Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Board, is three to four weeks. Even then, it may not be the right solution to the problem.

Lorain County does offer several programs that are aimed at helping addicts. One is called KEY, a non-medical residential community for women, where the stay is anywhere from sixty-days to six months. The problem is that the demand for help has greatly surpassed the supply of resources.

Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services now see about 50 new clients a week. Not all those who come to LCADA are addicts; often, a family member will come, seeking direction and advice. But the delay affects everyone. And too often, they delay costs the addict their life. The longer an addict has to wait for treatment, the lower their chances for recovery.

While the LCADA offers a 12-step type program, it isn't enough. And without more funding, help isn't on the way. So the problem will continue to grow.

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