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Gambling Addiction in Ohio There is a certain "rite of passage" that many young adults go through as they hit the ages in which there are suddenly new opportunities available to them. At 18 individuals are suddenly able to vote, buy cigarettes, and enter certain casinos and clubs. At 21 individuals are allowed to buy alcohol. Many of these rites of passage come with considerable consequences. After all, most things set with a requirement for a certain age limit have those requirements because the substance or act requires a mature way of thinking and decision-making in order to be enjoyed safely.

In Ohio, state agencies are putting more pressure on college counselors to aid students from becoming too immersed in the casino scene. Gambling addiction can be as serious as any drug or alcohol addiction. It can have similar dire consequences and a surprising rate of addiction. According to the Ohio Casino Control Commission, the danger and pull of gambling addiction has lead to a higher number of names on the voluntary casino banning program than ever before.

That's correct. There are more people than ever actually choosing to ban themselves from casinos for their own sake. Nearly every addiction is based on a reward system. Generally the sense of immediate reward makes a substance or action that much more likely to become addictive. Drugs for example have one of the fastest triggers for instantaneous reward sensations, since all it takes is taking a hit and getting high to gain the feeling. But there are actual processes, or actions which elicit the same sensations. A couple of these include surfing the internet, sex, and gambling. None of these include any type of substance which is consumed, yet all have been found to be just as addicting. For gambling, the reward sensation comes from the small or large wins that individuals may experience.

It has even been found that on a considerable losing streak, individuals will still be addicted to the chances of winning due to the elating sensation of how winning feels. Really, any aged individual is at risk for developing gambling addiction. However, those in the younger age bracket, namely 18 to 30 have a considerable high risk. It may be due to lack of experience, lack in understanding the consequences, or misunderstanding the limits of when enough is enough.

Even worse, Ohio casinos seem to be targeting the younger age brackets of gamblers for this very reason. After all, there is no better loyal customer than an individual who is addicted to whatever is being sold. Due to the increased amounts of college-aged casino goers, and the college-aged individuals voluntarily banning themselves from casinos, it is apparent that communities everywhere need to take another step in providing support, information and help in avoiding the possible development of gambling addiction in those who are most susceptible.

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