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Drug Addiction Treatment in Oklahoma

A Gateway Between Many Drug Addicted Communities

Oklahoma's position between states with a variety of substance abuse problems puts it in a unique position. While it avoids many cases of alcoholism of the Midwestern states above it, its metropolitan areas, which contain over 60% of the state's entire population, also largely avoid cocaine and heroin abuse associated with urban inner city drug activity.

However, the state does have quite a few problems. First of all, crystal meth has had a booming popularity in Southwestern America for quite some time, and in Oklahoma the rate at which people have admitted themselves to addiction recovery for meth abuse has gone from under 10% of cases to over 30% in just 15 years. The state has also been hit hard by the prescription drug epidemic, which is part because of its nearness to Houston, which is one of the largest manufacturing and distribution hubs for pharmaceutical corporations in the country. Prescription opiates such as oxycodone and hydrocodone are particularly devastating to communities in Oklahoma as they are easy to come by and can be as addictive as heroin. Prescription drug abuse in Oklahoma City and Tulsa is quite a bit higher than the national average and has been pushing more and more people into overdose and rehab in the state in the past ten years.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Native American Populations

Because of its use as a reservation area for Native Americans in the 19th century, most famously known as the "Trail of Tears," around 9% of the population of Oklahoma is still Native American. Many are still herded into reservations that are by far the poorest, most isolated crime and drug-afflicted places in America. Therefore, an incredibly disproportionate amount of Native Americans suffer from mental health and drug addictions, and are treated for alcoholism as well as marijuana, methamphetamine, and prescription pill abuse at rates at or exceeding those of all other ethnicities in the state. Many reservations now have their own recovery centers specifically for treating these problems but it has been next to impossible to keep up with the pace in which drugs ravage Native American communities.

Drug addiction treatment and recovery is a tough prospect, especially for those with addictions to opiates such as Oxycontin and Vicodin. These opiate painkillers not only induce some of the worst withdrawal symptoms of any drug but also take the longest time to psychologically recover from. Many programs also involve methadone and other substitute opiates that fulfill cravings while not inducing highs in patients. The difficulty of opiate rehab makes many addicts think that death is the only way out, which is why it is so important for friends and family to stress the importance of rehabilitation for those with chronic drug addictions. Through compassionate care, counseling, and the healing of emotional traumas, people can escape addiction and regain the will to live a normal life once more.

Cities in Oklahoma with high rates of substance abuse: Oklahoma, Tulsa, Edmond, Broken Arrow, Norman, Lawton, and Yukon

Oklahoma counties with large amounts of drug abuse: Oklahoma, Tulsa, Cleveland, Comanche, Canadian, Payne, and Rogers

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