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Treatment for drug addiction in Pennsylvania

Diverse Addiction Problems

Pennsylvania is actually a very diverse state that includes sweeping state forests and agricultural business, but it is usually closely identified with its hub cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. However in order to fully understand and combat drug problems in the state it must be considered from a few different angles.

Rural and urbanized areas, and especially urban areas in New England, have very different addiction treatment needs. In fact, the vast majority of Pennsylvania is part of Appalachia, mountainous regions between the East Coast and the Midwest that are known for being isolated and impoverished. Drug addiction problems in the Appalachia's are known to have distinct qualities quite different from New England. Since drug cartel trafficking does not extend into rural areas such as this the tendency in these areas is towards what is more widely available, namely home-made crystal meth and prescription narcotics. Indeed, the Appalachian region has one of the highest rates of overdose deaths stemming from the abuse of OxycontinVicodin, and Xanax in the nation.

Another New England Metropolis Steeped in Hardcore Drug Addiction

Philadelphia, which is located midway between Baltimore/Washington and New York City, shares many of the characteristics of New England cities. Meth and prescription drug abuse is far less common in these areas. And yet injection of drugs and the abuse of crack cocaine and heroin are popular while open drug-use and trafficking on city streets is a common state of affairs. In these areas drug cartels not only freely traffic tons of drugs every year but local drug gangs oppress and terrorize many neighborhoods in order to continue to do business. High unemployment and poverty are traits typical of all these areas in Philly.

While addicts in Philly share Baltimore and DC's penchant for hardcore heroin and crack abuse, what is noticeably different is that in Pennsylvania almost all of Maryland and DC's referrals to addiction treatment come from law enforcement. In Pennsylvania it is far more common for addicts to voluntarily sign up for drug rehab, which is very encouraging. A will to get clean is vital in the fight against drug addiction. Law enforcement and prohibition can do little to stop someone in the throes of drug addiction, but once the choice to get clean is made, treatment can work.

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Cities in Pennsylvania with high rates of drug abuse: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading, Erie, York, Harrisburg, Allentown, Lancaster, Bethlehem, West Chester, Scranton, and Norristown.

Counties in Pennsylvania with ongoing drug addiction issues: Philadelphia, Allegheny, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, Lancaster, Chester, York, Berks, Westmoreland, Lehigh, and Northampton.

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