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Drug Addiction Treatment in Rhode Island

Small State, Big Problems

Small but with a very densely-situated population, Rhode Island may not be thought of as a place where drug abuse takes place. In fact, Rhode Island's geographical location creates a lot of substance abuse problems for the state. Far from being a rural or out of the way area, heavily urbanized areas are all around, most notably Boston. This means that professional drug trafficking has a strong foothold in the area and that Rhode Islanders have easy access to all kinds of dangerous drugs.

Statistics back up the notion that Rhode Island is far from secure from substance abuse. Alcoholism and drug addiction is well above the national average. The state also has a disproportionate amount of young adults that smoke marijuana, in part because of the state's medical marijuana laws.

Accessibility to Treatment - an Important Component for Recovering Individuals

Rhode Island has a unique problem where, much like New York City, the incredibly dense population in a small area makes it next to impossible for the state and private organizations to offer adequate drug addiction treatment. As a result the state has one of the highest rates of addicts who do not receive addiction treatment. Accessibility to treatment is an important component for recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, and often residential or inpatient rehab is recommended by addiction specialists before any other treatment program. In a residential rehab program, the individual is able to detach his or herself from the previous daily routines and settings that started the addiction in the first place. This approach allows individuals to rediscover themselves in a totally new environment, staffed by experts in the addiction treatment field, and surrounded by other recovering addicts who share the same goal and interests. 

Generally Rhode Island has a progressive policy towards drug possession that encourages drug rehabilitation over imprisonment. While it is better than nothing, it is still best for the motivation to quit drugs to come from within. Sometimes this can be brought about by an intervention or other encouragement from loved ones; but the individual really has to want to quit drugs if they are going to get through withdrawals and then resist temptations going into the future.

Rhode Island cities with significant drug addiction problems: Providence, Warwick, Pawtucket, Cranston, Woonsocket, Cumberland, and Coventry.

Rhode Island counties with statistically high substance abuse: Providence, Kent, Washington, Newport, and Bristol.

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