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Wide Range of Drug Problems In Tennessee

Tennessee has a wide range of problems when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Tennessee is one of many states where trying to describe patterns of substance abuse is very difficult when taken as a whole. A large part of Tennessee makes up the region of Appalachia, which is known for having many remote and isolated towns and communities due to its mountainous make-up. Appalachia as well as many rural parts of America has different tendencies as far as substance abuse goes since there is not much large-scale drug traffic to fill demand. If this is the case than the creation and use of meth as well as the trafficking and use of prescription drugs is far more common. Indeed Appalachia has an even greater rate of overdose deaths from prescription drug abuse than many major cities in America. Opiate-based painkillers, depressants, and amphetamines can all be obtained legally in order to abuse them, but there is also a steady business of people making money from fraudulently obtaining large amounts of prescription pills and selling them.

However, Tennessee also has its share of urban areas, particularly Memphis and Nashville. These areas have completely different problems, including a booming drinking and crack cocaine problem. Crack and heroin are typical drugs abused in urban areas where homeless drug abusers are located, as well as drug gang activity. Alcohol and cocaine abuse are also typical in areas where there is a lot of tourism, something that are major economic staples in Memphis and Nashville. Sporting and music events in particular see lots of people gathering in large numbers to abuse alcohol and other substances as well as gamble. While this would qualify as "recreational" use, many people that take part are in fact addicts who enable and rationalize their behavior through social settings. Drinking excessively, snorting pills, and smoking marijuana may seem unusual and destructive from the perspective of someone doing it alone, but one of the most dangerous aspects of substance abuse is when it is done in social settings; with groups of people looking to have a good time, these activities seem acceptable and normal. Social acceptance of addictive substances is one of the most devastating aspects of the drug epidemic in America. Without it, teenagers would often never be exposed to prescription drugs and alcohol, advertisements would not encourage substance abuse, and most importantly, abstinence and treatment would be valued more than the next drink or dose.

Education on Addiction Treatment Sorely Lacking

Education on drug addiction treatment is sorely lacking in Tennessee like everywhere else in the country. Many people drink excessively, abuse marijuana, or prescription drugs for years without anyone taking action, the fact is that many of these conditions are better resolved through professional addiction treatment. While the problem may not get worse for some time, eventually an opiate or drinking habit will endanger the health of those who won't quit. An intervention from family or close friends often helps the addict realize the extent of their abusive behaviors and through treatment recovery is possible. Unfortunately, many will hit rock bottom before they decide to change their lives by accepting their addiction problem and embracing treatment.  Typically drug rehab involves inpatient or residential addiction treatment where group counseling and a variety of addiction treatment therapies will be applied. Outpatient care, including continued addiction treatment counseling services, can also be applied after a drug rehab stay has ended in order to continue to build a strong resilience to manage relapse situations.

Tennessee cities with significant drug addiction problems: Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Murfreesboro, Clarksville, Franklin, Johnson City, Kingsport, and Cleveland

Tennessee counties with statistically high substance abuse: Shelby, Davidson, Knox, Hamilton, Rutherford, Williamson, Montgomery, Sullivan, Sumner, Washington, Blount, Wilson, and Maury

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