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Treatment for Oxycontin Addiction In West VirginiaOxycontin is a prescription medication used to treat chronic, long-term pain. It contains pure oxycodone, but differs from the medication called oxycodone. Oxycontin is a brand name form of the pill designed to release certain amounts of oxycodone in the time span of twelve hours. Oxycodone is known as one of the most powerful pain killer medication used in treatment of chronic pain. In recent years, Oxycontin has become a favorite amongst painkiller addicts because of the high level of potency in a single pill.

Oxycontin was designed to be swallowed, in which it would release low doses of medication into the body throughout the day. Even for those prescribed this medication, tolerance can build quickly in the body, in which normal doses no longer have the same effects. Tolerance builds up in both prescribed patients and illegal users of Oxycontin, eventually leading to dependence and addiction. Those who use Oxycontin without a prescription most often chew the pill. This however, is a dangerous practice. Since Oxycontin can contain up to five times the dosage as one pill of oxycodone, chewing the pill voids any time release mechanism set into the pill, thus releasing the full dosage into the body all at once.

In Oceana, West Virginia, there have been alarmingly high rates of accidental overdose and death due to Oxycontin abuse. The problem lies in the type of medication involved. While many addicts abuse one or more different drugs, most of those drugs have a somewhat consistent dosage and effect. While other pills and drugs vary by batch, brand, intensity or quantity, many are unaware of the high levels of oxycodone contained in one pill of Oxycontin. It is common that individuals who die or are hospitalized due to accidental overdose on Oxycontin take the medication unknowing of how much or what ingredients they're ingesting.

While many cities and states across the U.S. struggle against prescription painkiller addiction, Oceana is suffering more severely than most. The name "Oxyana" is the new proclaimed nickname to the area due to the skyrocketing levels of accidental deaths to the prescription medication. One individual even remarked that half of their graduating class had already died in relation to abuse of the medication. West Virginia is not alone however. Nationally, prescription medication related deaths is second only to the annual amount of deaths caused by car accidents.

It is for this reason that local, state officials, and law enforcement have been implementing stricter policies and more effective procedures when dealing with the medications all over the country. The importance of preventing addictions and providing professional addiction rehab for those who are already addicted cannot be stressed enough.

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