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Drug Addiction in WisconsinThe state of Wisconsin has seen its share of drug abuse and addiction problems like many other states in the US, despite the fact that its rate of drug-induced deaths is below the national average. As a result of the ongoing prescription drug abuse problems that spread the nation in the past few decades, Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP) were enacted in 2010, requiring "a pharmacist or practitioner to generate a record documenting each dispensing of a prescription drug and to deliver the record to the board."  This program however is still not yet required by law, and the state does endorse community take-back programs and events to not only proper disposal of unused and unneeded medications, but education to the public about safe drug return and disposal. 

Alcohol and Binge Drinking in Wisconsin

Drinking in Wisconsin is a boastful sentiment for most and a source of woe and suffering for many others. Originally begun by German brew masters in the 1850's, Milwaukee was for a time the largest beer producing city in the world, hosting breweries for Schlitz, Pabst, Blatz, and Miller, currently the second largest and oldest surviving major beer company in America. Milwaukee's prominence in beer manufacturing was also bolstered by wheat production in the state which at one time also made Milwaukee the largest exporter of wheat worldwide. Milwaukee's Best is one of the cheapest and most popular beers in America today.

This has largely contributed to the state's notoriety in regards to alcoholism. Binge drinking, under-age binge drinking and alcoholism, and the amount of alcoholics that do not get needed addiction treatment are all at some of the highest rates nationwide. This places the state in a rather unusual situation, as a significant amount of its tax revenue and tourism business, as well as its business relationship with advertisers, means that the state in some ways depends upon its status as a state that loves to drink. Major league sports around the state as well as college campuses are rife with advertisements for alcohol and Wisconsin even has a trade association called the Tavern League of Wisconsin that is dedicated to lobbying state and federal government for the continued profitably of alcohol sales in the state.

And yet other state agencies are dedicated to cutting down on the amount of unsafe drinking. Some school districts have even stooped to random alcohol testing for students at public functions. The state is also constantly trying to combat its status as having highest incidence of drunk driving and alcohol-related accidents in the nation.

Unfortunately, when the prevailing attitude is enabling of alcohol consumption little can be done to effectively treat it. Alcoholism is tougher to beat than addictions to many addictive substances; alcohol withdrawal can kill someone from the severity of its physical effects. However many chronic addicts will never even try to get as far as that point because when they are surrounded by people that see nothing wrong with their behavior, the chances they will realize the harm they are doing to themselves are slim. And yet alcoholism has more devastating consequences on Americans than any other drug in the country. It kills people, destroys their health, ruins families and personal relationships, and eats up addict's finances, jobs, and future.

Therefore it is extremely important for Wisconsinites to understand and identify legitimate drinking problems and get help. Alcohol rehab is often necessary for those with chronic alcohol addictions. A medically supervised detoxification is recommended, however it is what comes next in rehabilitation that is truly important. Alcoholics typically spend three months in an alcohol rehab facility but the psychological and emotional counseling process may extend for years to come.

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Cities in Wisconsin with high rates of binge drinking and substance abuse: Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Racine, Appleton, Kenosha, Waukesha, Eau Claire, Oshkosh, Janesville, and Sheboygan

Wisconsin counties with large amounts of drug abuse and alcoholism: Milwaukee, Dane, Waukesha, Brown, Racine, Outagamie, Winnebago, Rock, Kenosha, Washington, Marathon, Sheboygan, La Crosse, and Walworth

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